Gps Acadia

Gps Acadia

Discovering and Mapping the lost trails and  history
Acadia National Park
Mount Desert Island

 Welcome.   This site contains gps data collected  in
the field using using historic trail maps, guides and
years of hiking in Acadia National Park


 Resource Page


Cultural Landscape Report for the Historic
Hiking Trail System of Mount Desert Island
History, Existing Conditions & Analysis 
ISBN 0-9779833-0-7.
Prepared by Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation.

resource book containing old maps, photos along with the history and names of the trails. I use the Pathmakers trail name and numbers on this site.

Available at Acadian National Park Headquarters

Mailing Address
Acadia National Park
P.O. Box 177
Bar Harbor, ME 04609-0177

Shipping Address
Acadia National Park
Route 233 Mc Farland Hill
Bar Harbor, ME 04609

207-288-3338 Phone


National Park Service Information

NPS Data Store    Acadia National Park trail GIS data in  SHP format
 Plan Your Visit    NPS provides  current tourist  maps  in PDF format
Acadia National Park     National Park Service

Acadia National Park   Hiking Tips and information


Acadia National Park Trail map NPS Trail map in PDF format


GPS Units



Failure to avoid the following potentially hazardous situations could result in an accident or collision resulting in death or serious injury. When navigating, carefully compare information displayed on the GPS to all available navigation sources, including information from visual sightings, and maps.

Use the GPS only as a navigational aid. Do not attempt to use the GPS for any purpose requiring precise measurement of direction, distance, location, or topography. For safety, always resolve any discrepancies or questions before continuing navigation.

Use the  GPS only to facilitate, not to replace, the use of authorized government charts. Official government charts and notices to mariners contain all information needed to navigate safely.

The United States government operates the Global Positioning System (GPS), which is solely responsible for its accuracy and maintenance. The government's system is subject to changes, which could affect the accuracy and performance of all GPS equipment. Any navigation device can be misused or misinterpreted and, therefore, become unsafe

I currently use the following units.


etrek legend c
gpsmap 60csx my favorite and most accurate



My Favorite and most used Program: EXPERT GPSI have been using his program since the 90's and have watched it evolve over the years.  I consider it the best all around gps mapping program available without having to spend hundreds of dollars. A 30 day Trial version is available at their website.

I am not associated with EXPERTgps.  I just highly recommend you try it.

TopoGraphic Forum  a support and question forum for ExpertGPS, EasyGPS and GeoBuddy users. Also has sections on the GPS Units the program supports


Garmin Mapsource
City Select
USA Topo

Mapping products I use because I have  Garmin units and like to have maps on my GPS units
NG TOPO New England
Thought I would give it a try. Nice maps but I don't like the Program

Photo Software


Excellent program for viewing on line maps created with Mr. Sid and other software



Historic Map Collections
Maps of Acadia National Park   The Library of Congress
Historic USGS Maps of New England & NY   University of New Hampshire Library   
Maptech Historical Maps Bar Harbor, ME Quadrangle
Geographic Information System (GIS)
Maine Geographic Information System Department  GIS data for state of Maine
National Geodetic Survey
National Geodetic Survey
National Geodetic Survey  Datasheet Page       Data base of data sheets on NGS markers
National Geodetic Survey Mark Recovery Entry 

Texts available for download from Library Congress

Though they have nothing to do with Gps or Mapping they provide  insight to the turn of the century.  I highly recommend John Gilley, Maine farmer and fisherman
Bar Harbor days (1887)  
A maid of Bar Harbor (1902)  
A Virginia cousin and Bar Harbor tales 1899  
John Gilley, Maine farmer and fisherman 1899  




Trails tracks and waypoints
Updated July 15, 2010

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Les H.

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This site is not associated with the United States Government,
the Department of the Interior or the National Park Service.