Gps Acadia

Gps Acadia

Discovering and Mapping the lost trails and  history
Acadia National Park
Mount Desert Island

 Welcome.   This site contains gps data collected  in
the field using using historic trail maps, guides and
years of hiking in Acadia National Park


I have always enjoyed the outdoors: hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing, scuba and do I dare say "bow hunting".   With the advances in modern day  Global Positioning System technologies and mapping software I began mapping my excursions using various  gps units and different mapping software. (see resource page)

In the early 90's while hiking with a friend who  remembered an old trail from the 50's we left the marked trail system. No trail, no map, no compass, no gps, just his memory.  It took some time but by discovering old cairns and other markers we made our way off the mountain. Today  part of the once abandoned trail is again part of the maintained trail system of Acadia. It was partially due to this experience and wandering away from the crowds that has lead to the exploration and mapping of old trails



Trails tracks and waypoints
Updated July 15, 2010

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Les H.

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